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What do you think about Kiambu County shocking budgetary expenditure?

Should the conversation be about Waititu vs Kabogo or about accountability?

*Kiambu County shocking budgetary expenditure revelations:*

*1. Kshs. 500M* for the South Sudan peace process.
*2. Kshs. 600M* for State House operations.
*3. Kshs. 900M* for free primary education.
*4. Kshs. 190M* to cater for the send of packages of retired Presidents Daniel Arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki.
What a time to be alive in Kenya. Can you imagine a county government spending it’s money on matters that are not part of its function. Welcome to the KANU era KENYA where budgets were developed for looting and not for service delivery.
In Mandera County worser budgetary expenditures of more worse proportions and magnitude have happened including a 13 billion project in the name of county headquarters projects that lie idle on the outskirts of Mandera town and is today a replica of museums and the Fort Jesus ruins. Mimi hii Kenya sihami, nitakaa niendelee kutazama hizi sinema bure real actions sio zile fake movies za kufanyiwa acting.. ?????

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