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Bukki Duanne

A cabin moment?

She stepped out in last light to go take a wee. She only had on her house slippers so I for a fact knew she wouldn’t be long. I’d be able to catch my breath while she was out. It had been quite the day, it had. We’d made a mess of the cabin. In our defense, this was about the only time we’d had together after heavens know how long. We couldn’t have enough of each other. It had been a minute and she wasn’t back in the house yet. It was almost sub-zero temperature outside. As I cracked open the door, there she was seated on a log, legs spread, left index finger in mouth, right hand tiptoeing over her thigh just enough to better the view.

Her locs draped over her face as she looked up my way. She was the most beautiful thing. I stepped out and shut the door behind me and stood there for a second staring lost in thought. She knew just how to arouse my mind and all my senses. I didn’t notice myself walking over to her. I worshipped in her glory at her feet like the goddess she was. Her inner Peitho was unleashed. “Have your way with me for I am yours, my goddess,” I whispered. She pulled me closer to her, tilted her head exposing the work of art for a face she possesses. I could feel the emotion in her breath as she whispered in my face.

She moved her body just right, bit her bottom lip and said, “Take me from the back right this moment and do to me all the things you’d tell me over the phone. Show off those skills of yours that you’ve held in for. Take my breast in your hand and squeeze the fuck out of it. Squeeze it like you never have. Eat that cooch like the last supper. Hand me the punishment I longed for while I was gone. Slide in and slither your way around that cooch. Take it all. Hit it till it gets numb. It’s yours for the taking my lord. Watch my juices drip down my thigh then lick them all the way up. Leave trails all over this body with your tongue my lord. Choke me. Tie me up. You know you want to. Fuck me into the night and watch me dwell in the pleasure.”

She took control of one of my hands and directed it right to her cooch. It was crying a river. I gently slid my index finger over it. I could feel her get the shakes. I opened my mouth in an attempt to speak. She slid her wet finger right in there and said, “It’s playtime my lord, no more talking.” There was a burst of sensation in my head. Her insides tasted like freshly squeezed cranberries with a subtle hint of pomegranate. I took off my headscarf and blindfolded her then proceeded to work my way down her chest, onto her stomach, and to her cooch. I wanted more, I had to have more. With her sight deprived, her sense of touch would be through the roof. She’d feel every single stroke of the tongue. She’d feel the papillae on my tongue like never before. It was all about her today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

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