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Gerald Kariuki

What if this turns out to be world war 3?

So much was said about Coronavirus but my mind can’t help but encourage the idea that this could actually be world war III… I know this is such a farfetched conspiracy theory but let’s assume it is true. (Remember, this is just a hypothetical situation)

Now that we have established that this is war, let me paint a picture for you:

1. Internet is cut out across the world.

2. Electricity, TV and Radio soon go off.

3. No one can communicate as phones and computers die off.

4. Food stored by the rich in fridges goes bad.

5. Police and Military go rouge due to lack of communication channels.

6. Violence erupts as people start looting and stealing for survival.

7. Governments announce that we are all on our own.

Somehow, you manage to survive till this point.
What do you do to stay alive?

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