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Robert Mũnũku

What is wrong with Kenya’s 8-4-4 education system?

My major reservation with the 8-4-4 system in Kenya is that it nurtures and extols only one type of excellence – academic.

Do not get me wrong, this is a much needed function in society. However, we need musicians, athletes, carpenters, masons, cooks and so on as much as we need doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, etc.

A proper overhaul of the curriculum and the infrastructure to implement it would mean an inclusion of all skills sets. With the current system an ‘A’ simply means an academic excellent student (not to say that you can not be academically and technically gifted) and a ‘D’ means one is not. However, the same A could be a D if the 2 students were say gauged on music alone or sports alone and the one with a D would have an A.

My point is, to get the best out of the population we need to thoroughly revamp the education system. This would in effect have everyone giving their best to themselves and the national economy at large. As it is, many unemployed persons are victims of this very same system that only acknowledges academic excellence.

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