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Robert Mũnũku

Why Kenya will remain backward [unless] …

This is not a question but more of an answer to an unasked question … Read slowly.

Kenya is economically poor because we are corrupt. Kenya is still heavily tribalist; tribalism is the mortar that holds together the bricks of corruption. Corruption persists because we allow it; ‘we’ the citizens because we tolerate it and practise it ourselves. We lack values that propel this country forward; we only bear pseudo-values that propel ourselves, but self-interest has never built a nation.

Not just the politicians, in my short life thus far I have worked in the company of relatives, creatives, friends, activists, journalists, low, middle, & upper-class professionals, all who bicker about the country but have no values themselves. The minute they face the threat of losing a job, child, spouse, relative, an income, a privilege, they ricochet back to self-interest at the expense of the greater good. Some who place themselves on a high horse keep barking revolution but do they know what it means? Are they genuine or are they vending self-interest cloaked as revolutionary philosophy?

A fool takes others at face value – an even greater fool believes that conniving self-interest will develop our nation. Sometimes I wake up and feel as if I hate every single thing about this country and all its people, then I remember that this is wrong; there are good people, few, but worth fighting for. The country is worth salvaging. That’s why I do what I do, with all the means I have, and will continue until they bury me next to the only one who bears the same name as I.

I refuse to be a sell-out. I wish we all did the same in our different capacities.

Wake up Kenyans or die a generation of selfish persons wallowing in mediocrity to an early grave. Let’s see if your employers, financiers, politicians, bitcoins, gold, title deeds and money will lessen the perfidious rot of your flesh in your coffins as maggots eat away in glee.

One who takes spite at my words is but an example of the kind we need to rid our country of; the one who takes heed of my words is the leader we need to steward this nation back to to glory.

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