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Mohammed Yagoub

Is it time for change?

Indeed, We must all unequivocally condemn all forms of political violence.

But we MUST also understand that criticising & protesting against politicians is what we’ve always fruitlessly done throughout our hopeless history. We’ve been consistently suffering but not learning. We the voters prioritise tribalism & greed over intelligence and thus ignore the glaring fact that the decadently corrupt mindset of the politicians is predominantly responsible for our debilitating problems.

It’s this culture of corruption that has consistently produced the disgraceful & punishing symptoms of social, economic & political calamities we repeatedly witness. nothing has changed but we keep mindlessly electing the same criminals who’ve never had any modicum of respect for our dehumanised people. Instead of solving fundamental problems, these useless Kleptocrats simply indulge in stealing, worsening our predicaments, tribalism, vicious stupefaction & exploitation of victims of bad governance.?

So we the ardent exponents of the One-Africa& innovative politics of the new age are fed up with futile criticisms, protests & the endless humiliation of our humanity on the global stage. We say enough IS enough ! We’re resolute in our conviction that politicians , being agents of our continent’s systematic destruction , are no longer fit for purpose. Even now, as our poverty-stricken nations suffer, they’re still addicted to turf wars. A plague on their houses! They’re beyond redemption for another generation.

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