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Manser Thelua

Can talent rescue Kenyan youth from Unemployment?

Kihu, an economist and founder of The Bizconomist Journal suggests that a young person in Kenya has three options of breaking out of poverty or become financially independent —education, entrepreneurship and talent.

Initiatives such as the 30 per cent procurement rule meant to benefit the youth, women and disabled persons were swept away by corruption. Therefore, the young person is left with good ideas but no capital to actualise them. Social media has been instrumental in showcasing young talents. Youths such as actor-comedian Desagu have climbed through this ladder.

Education was traditionally and is still regarded as the key to success. Our system is, however, designed like a bottleneck. The number of formal jobs has been on the decline. According to the KNBS, the number of formal jobs decreased from 19 per cent in 2009 to 16.6 per cent in 2017.

Discovering what you can do best without a lot of hustle and bustle is the only way out. Gone are the days when education was the key, now talent is the key. Thanks to social media displaying it has become much easier.

Sadly we are the Adam and Eve of the social media generation and in its garden of negativity and positivity lies in the middle, the forbidden fruit. The fruit, comparison and competition that is so sweet amongst the youths. Social media platforms have been turned into life achievement scorecards.

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