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Karabo Rithuri
At what age did your parents become boring?

As children, our parents are the best mom’s and dad’s in the whole world, at least I’m our eyes. We cry when they go to work and throw tantrums when they are not around.

As we grow and learn, we become aware of more and realise the flaws they have. We develop a sense of independence and grow our own identity, likes, and interests. These are not always in line with our parents and they see us as rebellious id we do things differently.

Soon, we loose touch with them and they are no longer our best friends. We still love them as parents but the differences in age and generation makes us alienate them.

Later in life our differences are set asside and maturity can luckily bring back our connection but it is never the same.

At what age did this disxonect happen to you and will your children experience this too?

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