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Stacy Wambui

How will we heal after the current loss and tragedy?

Many people are rightly concern about their current survival through this coronavirus pandemic. I am more concerned about the mental health of those of us who will be lucky enough to survive through it. Things will never be the same again. We have already lost business and jobs. Some of us will even loose loved ones or family.

How are we going to heal when the storm is gone? It is easy to get support or seek professional psychological help for extreme cases during normal circumstances. However, this is different. No one had prepared for this and everyone will be in need of some serious mental healing.

We have seen issues like Al-Qaeda and al-Shabab terrorism like the 1999 bombast and the 911 bombing. We have seem war in the Middle East and the genocide in Rwanda. We have heard of the slave trade and sadly even seen modern-day slavery in Libya and the middle east… the list goes on!

What makes the current tragedy different is the fact that, unlike all the above, everyone today is a possible victim. This is regardless of social class, political affiliation, race, education… We are all in this! So what are some of the things that we can do to prepare for healing?

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