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Martha Nyaboke

Domestic Violence: How do we protect people in abusive relationships who are on Coronavirus lockdown together?

I have been in an abusive relationship and it is a scary space to hold… now with the virus and curfew, it can only be worse. Instead of police beating up people, can they form a task force to randomly check up on people to make sure cases of domestic violence during this coronavirus quarantine period. People are too busy to scared and focused on personal survival to think about others.

The stress and anxiety of virus can be a trigger for toxic relationships to become even worse. I empathise for anyone in abusive relationship or a marriage or even rape. Home is not always a safe space. Many people use school and work as an escape from evil realities bucket home. If nothing is done, we will see rising cases of mental health, depression, suicide, divorce etc.

Besides depending on the police, we also start by checking up on our neighbours and calling our friends. Random and regular calls especially at night can literary stop a fight and scare the perpetrators when they know someone could call anytime. You don’t even have toast if the person is going through a crazy time, they may even sound okay. Just call and talk about nothing if you can because most victims are afraid and only speak out when it is too late.

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