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Whats app is bad but which of these unsafe and dangerous replacements is even worse?

WhatsApp has been known to secretly share and sell your data with Facebook and other unknown buyers but replacements like Facebook messenger, WeChat, Viber, and others are even worse. Just like Whats App, your personal information is easily leaked and sold to third parties. Although they have encryption, they intentionally leave it off by default and it has to be activated manually which most people don’t do. This makes it easy for strangers to access your information and messages if your device gets lost. Which of these dangourous apps are the worst and most insecure replacements for whats app?

Poll Results

66.67%Facebook messenger ( 6 voters )
11.11%WeChat ( 1 voter )
22.22%Viber ( 2 voters )
Based On 9 Votes

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