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Should agriculture and food production be overseen by cooperatives?

There’s a huge waste of resources and loss of market because of the small scale farming which leaves farmers with too little bargaining power when it comes to marketing their produce.

The cost of production and processing is also much higher when every farmer handles it alone, while a centralised system can help pool together resources and produce more at reduces costs and lower labour.

One reason people may be hesitant to hand over their production to government agencies and cooperatives is corruption and lack of control over the process of production.

Another problem is that the bodies governing these cooperatives would have too much to handle that the quality may reduce due to the huge numbers involved.

If these main issues are solved or taken care of, would it be better for the government through cooperatives to run processes like food production?

We could use their expertise, data, and resources to make key decisions and be more competitive on a global scale.

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