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DIVORCE: How long does it take for marriages that end in divorce?

Statistics aside, what is the average duration of marriages by couples you know that have ended in divorce. According to data, marriage rates have gone down and the rate of divorce has significantly increased today, compared to the 1990s. However, when it comes to marriage, statistics can be misleading depending on how the data was collected and calculated.

Most married couples are either not officially registered or once they divorce, they don’t always make it official. This leads to inaccurate information in comparison to the reality on the ground. I have been to weddings where the man or woman had been divorced once or even twice before.

So now, of all the weddings you have been to and all the marriages you personally know about, what has the average duration of time been before they ended in divorce or separation?

Poll Results

0%Less than 12 months
33.33%1 year ( 1 voter )
66.67%3 years ( 2 voters )
0%5 years
0%10 years
0%20+ years
Based On 3 Votes

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