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Gerald Kariuki

What is the intention behind KFCB crackdown on content creators?

Content creators are also job creators and KFCB should partner woth them instead of imposing backward policies that seem to restrict rather than support.

Creating content is an uphill task and getting an audience for it is even harder. YouTube is known to be highly competitive and creators have to jump over many loops to get it working.

For the government, through the recent Kenya Film Classification Board gag, to hit them without offering any support, it must have a goal because it makes no sense to add bottlenecks for people who are doing their best to make a living, create employment, educate the public, and entertain us.

Content creators across the country have responded with the reasons they think is behind this crackdown;

– some think the government is testing tbe limits of their power over tbe people, only to drop this backward policy and act like the savoiur.

– some say the KFCB board wants to asses people’s response to oppressing policies.

– some say it is just a way for the government to identify and single out the complainers for a more targeted attack.

– some say these are specific gag orders from above to suppress freedom of speech and discourage independent content creators before they are too big to be controlled.

– some think it is just a dark social experiment that backfired and went further than they thought it would.

Which one of these is the most viable reason for imposing restricting policies towards contenf creators?

Poll Results

16.67%Test limits of their power ( 1 voter )
16.67%Asses public response ( 1 voter )
0%Identify those who complain
50%Government being stupid ( 3 voters )
16.67%Discourage independent creators ( 1 voter )
0%Social experiment gone wrong
Based On 6 Votes

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