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TERRENCE HOWARD: pseudoscientist, narcissist, mentally ill, or genius?

This video was shared in a group and everyone was talking about how great it is.

I’m not a Joe Rogan podcast follower but I’ve loved some of the guests he has brought in and the few clips I stumble upon online so I decided to check out this hyped experience. And boy, oh boy! I was in for an insolent shock!

Only a for a few minutes, I was already gaging with my own vomit 🤢

Wasn’t sure if I should stop watching. Wasn’t sure if I’m too dumb to understand a single idea he is sharing (over 10 minutes in)

Wasn’t sure if the people hyping it were just being sarcastic. I was really confused and puzzled. 🤪

Just so that I may give this whole thing the benefit of doubt, I made the mistake of watching the whole thing… I have ended up regretting every minute I spent there.

Some of my brain cells are already dead and I need to drink some water to recover from that pit. I have never watched a complete Joe Rogan podcast and I probably never will if they are half as bad as this.

I’m not sorry.

I toyed with the idea to leave a detailed breakdown of my reasons for this ill feeling but I will instead leave the link here so you may torture yourself too (seems like a thing people do a lot nowadays)

Watch the first 10 minutes and tell me if Terrence Howard is a pseudoscientist, an arrogant narcissist, a mentally ill brother, or a misunderstood genius?

Poll Results

0%Pseudoscientist ⚛️
0%Arrogant narcissist 🪞
25%Mentally ill brother 🤒 ( 1 voter )
75%Misunderstood genius 🧠 ( 3 voters )
Based On 4 Votes

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