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Is North Korea ready for war?

After the Korean war that was frozen at the DMZ 70 years ago, Kim Jong Un has reignited declarations that South Korea is their key enemy and that they will stop at nothing to see the reunification of Korea, even if it means war. In the past, the goal was always to foster a peaceful reunification, but now it seems like the North are ready to annihilate the entire south if that what it takes to get back the whole Korean peninsula. North Koreas possession of nuclear weapons, the largest army in the world, spy satellites, as well as their proximity to friends like China and Russia, has acted as a deterrent for attacks from South Korea with the help of the US. This has made the North very confident and given them years to plan an an attack and possible takeover. With China eyeing Taiwan and Russia on Ukraine, North Korea sees these as the best allies as he also eyes South Korea and other disputed territories. If these three communist countries start a war at the same time, the chances of US spreading its resources from the other side of the world are very low.

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