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Which of these behavioural addictions is the hardest to stop?

Unlike substance abuse, behavioural addiction is a hotly contested topic that has been disregarded by some of the greatest doctors and experts in the world. In spite of this, behavioural addictions are known to leave a negative impact and greatly affect the persons relationships with themselves and others. This is because the behaviours in question becomes the most important thing in someone’s life and recurrently manifest through uncontrollable urges and strong cravings. Behavioural addictions happen when someone is addicted to a certain activity or the feeling experienced by acting out a specific behaviour. Once the behaviour triggers the brain’s reward system, behavioural addiction kicks in. It can be equally or even worse than substance abuse because most of the behaviours are not illegal and are generally acceptable in the society.

Behavioural addiction may lead one to be secretive and dishonest as they struggle with persistent and repeated behaviours that don’t offer any real benefit to them and others. Their performance slowly becomes poor and responsibilities are either dropped or neglected. Due to the shameful nature of addiction, some people may also withdraw from society and once outgoing personalities end up becoming anti-social and isolated. This means that they also lose interest in activities, hobbies or events that were once important to and enjoyable to them. Another main issue with behavioural addiction is that most treatment centers focus their help and services on substance abuse, making it even harder to get help.

Poll Results

60%Social Media ( 3 voters )
20%Smart Phones ( 1 voter )
0%Compulsive Shopping
0%Video Games
0%Food Overconsumption
20%Risky activities ( 1 voter )
Based On 5 Votes

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