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Which of the following drugs and substances are the easiest to get addicted to?

Drug addiction and substance use becomes a disorder when you start getting a
recurring desire to continue taking a drug and develop an uncontrollable dependancy despite the harmful consequences. The drug takes center stage in your life and becomes the most important thing you have to do for your day to be complete. Lack of access to the drug greatly affects your mood and you may become erratic, violent, and restless until you get a fix from the particular drug.

What makes drug addiction very dangerous is the slow and sneaky development of tolerance. After sometime, you need to increase the amount of the drug taken, the amount of time you spend taking the drug, and reduce the time in between the drug taking for you to get the same high. If you took a substance once a week, you may end up taking it daily, then several times a day, and sometimes even constant use.

Anytime, you stay without the drug, you develop withdrawal symptoms which manifest in form of unpleasant feelings in the body and mind unless you get back the fix, which now needs to be even more to cover for the time you abstained, leading to a relapse. This increased use usually eats up into your finances and the time taken on drugs is stolen away from work and other important relationships, which always leads to conflict.

Addiction is a disease and despite the harmful consequence, a persistent and intense urge to use a drug becomes stronger than your will to resist. Once the drug hijacks the pleasure and reward circuits in your brain, you get hooked into desiring more and more of the substance. Suddenly stopping use or taking the drug in smaller doses is usually accompanied by anxiety and stress.

Causes of addiction are relative but heredity is a major risk factor, where a history in family members substance use, almost leads to children and relatives picking up the habit. If this is because of emulation or genetics is not yet know or fully agreed upon but it plays a major role in the ease of developing an addiction and even breaking out of it.

Even with all these effects, addiction is still treatable. One needs to accept the problem and seek help as soon as possible. Prevention and treatment for addiction is generally as successful as with other chronic diseases, especially when the person addicted accepts the problem, is cooperative in the process, and willing to change.

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