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Stacy Wambui

What seems illegal but is not?

Legality is often used as a way to encourage or discourage certain things, habits, and behaviours. An opposite example of legal things that feel illegal is how colonisation and slavery were not against the law and actually accepted and encouraged by the government and the church.

What once seemed illegal but is not for me is when friends told me how they started drinking alcohol before turning 18 and that it s their parents who offered it to them. I was a little confused but come to think about it, it is totally okay and should be done that way in a controlled and safe place like home.

Something like a protest, it is a right outlined in most constitutions but sometimes feels illegal because of how police and the people you are protesting against respond to it. Another one is when police stop you and ask too many questions, you have the legal right not to answer and request for a lawyer. Most people feel compelled to comply and would even not resist arrest when theres nothing wrong they have done.

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