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Ian Ngugi

What is the first thing needed for a United Africa?

For a united Africa to be realised, we need one passport, one army, one leader, one bank, one educational system, one national anthem, one language, one currency, and one flag. Maponga Joshua calls for unity of Africa as Coup D’etat surges in west Africa countries. Our strength in Africa lies in our unity that comes after we erase the boarders and foster unity amongst African leaders. We are one nation that will only thrive after we become visa free. The 54 African flags are just pieces of cloth on their own and the 54 African national anthems are just sensational poems. A legacy of a united Africa is the only thing that all our leaders who have come and gone wanted; Lumumba, Sankara, Nkuruma, Mugabe, Gadaffi, Mandela. Of all these things, what should the first step be?

Poll Results

33.33%One passport ( 1 voter )
0%One army
0%One leader
0%One bank
0%One education system
0%One national anthem
0%One language
66.67%One currency ( 2 voters )
0%One flag
Based On 3 Votes

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