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Precious Wamau

What should we know about sex in self-isolation?

If Coronavirus was an idea to reduce population, we’re in for a rude shock. Come Dec 2020, 9 months down the line, we’ll have a baby boom generation of “Coronials” also known as “Mboronials” for the African Swahili speakers, because of all the sex that will come from loneliness, proximity and isolation.

We rushed to buy sanitizers and tissue but few of us updated our implants or bought contraceptives like condoms to ensure safe sex. Even if you don’t have sex and find alternatives to romantic pleasure and intimacy during this quarantine period, the resulting dry spell after this epidemic will still lead to more Coronials so any baby born after December 2020, has a right to the new title.

I know it safe to have sex if you’re single, married or in a committed relationship during the COVID-19 pandemic because is only known to spread through sneezing, coughing and touching infected people. So yes, have all the Coronial making sex you can but are you ready for the results? Do you even know how long will this containment will last? The Coronial babies may be born into a world of curfews and self-isolation.

Self-isolation means lots of time for self-pleasure and masturbation but that translates into lots of sex if you live with your partner. For those who are single or live far from their partners, new intimate relationships will automatically form. With free time and proximity as the main agents of intimacy, a lot of sex is bound to happen.

This Coronavirus pandemic will break, make, and test many relationships, and the ways we connect. We don’t all with our sexual partners and visiting them for sex is against the curfew and social distancing rules. Relationships will be rocky as people will be played if their partners live far away. Others will learn sexting and online or virtual sex as porn stars and porn sites smile to the bank.

Another possibility is ‘Covidivorces’ as a result of the lockdown. Being locked down with anyone, even your partner who you love can be a pain! Love, dating, sex and family relations require some space which creates longing and builds up desire.

Coronavirus may not be spread through sex so it is safe to enjoy yourself but it will create an atmosphere to spread other things like unfaithfulness or the boredom that comes from too much familiarity which will lead to divorce and broken relationships.

At least, 20 years from now, some of us will be smiling when we meet anyone born in December 2020.

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