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Kelvin Onyango

How often will your bank request a confirmation of your password or account number via email?

Cybersecurity is everyone’s business! As personal computing devices become even more pervasive, the chances of falling victim to a cyber-attack rise higher and higher. With continuous use of email, social media, banking apps, etc., the list of vulnerabilities to which we have opened ourselves is ever-growing. Hackers often use an unsuspecting individual’s error, like a weak password or clicking a suspicious link, to gain access to larger institutions or to organize large-scale denial-of-service attacks.

Poll Results

16.67%A. Once a month ( 1 voter )
50%B. Never ( 3 voters )
33.33%C. Once a year ( 2 voters )
0%D. Once every six months
Based On 6 Votes

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