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Kelvin Onyango

What happens to my vote if I don't use it?

if you are referring to a typical democratic voting system, when you choose not to use your vote by not casting it in an election, it essentially means that you are not participating in the electoral process. Your vote is considered abstained or not cast.

In most democratic systems, not using your vote does not directly impact the election outcome because it is not counted as a vote for any candidate or option. However, it is important to note that voter turnout can influence the overall legitimacy of the election results and the perceived mandate of the winning candidate or party. Low voter turnout may indicate dissatisfaction with the available choices or the political system as a whole.

It is generally encouraged for citizens to exercise their right to vote as it is a fundamental aspect of democratic societies, allowing individuals to have a say in the governance of their country and the policies that affect their lives. Voting is a way to participate in the democratic process and have a voice in shaping the future of your community and country.

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  1. Not using your vote means you've voted for the worst candidate.

    Not using your vote means you’ve voted for the worst candidate.

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