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Why do women cheat after a man loses social status or class?

Covid-19 has taught we that women are constantly looking for upgrade. This is usually well hidden but if I was keen enough, I would’ve seen it in her “list” when we first met. Like things she wanted in a man.

This famous “list” was long and unrealistic. Maybe I could have one or two of the things listed but not all 63 of them! Like seriously??? Anyway, we were neighbours and got closer which made her slowly forget her list. We started hooking up and made it sort of official that we are exclusive.

Things were good until corona happened. I was hit real hard and could only manage to barely just take care of my basics. That’s when she changed. She moved back to her place and it took forever for us to hang out or talk and it’s like I have been going through this alone.

She didn’t replace me asap, she was building up her side-thing until its was safe and convenient to leave.

Personality and looks were enough for me to keep my woman, but she wanted stability which I was slowly losing. She still comes back to me for validation, without sex. I don’t appreciate bullshit in my life, I have survival to think about.

I liked my ex-girlfriend because she was independent. Only to know that this independence meant that she is only loyal to herself. Something that came to bite me in the back.

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