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Kare Ngugi

UN removing Marijuana from the dangerous substances list. What do we think?

The UN removed weed from the list of most dangerous substances like Heroin. I was taken back by this because I wouldn’t necessarily categorize them together at all. But, I don’t particularly have a good experience with weed and the toll it took on my brain.
‘The particular classification is a subgroup of Category I, in that a substance is considered to be “highly addictive and highly liable for abuse,” but also “particularly harmful and of extremely limited medical or therapeutic value.”’ A Nation article.
There’s a group of people who weed works for, granted we all have our poisons. This is what weed was doing to me:
Hypersensitivity- I am already a very anxious person. So I became overly paranoid and needed to analyze any situation because I always assumed I was in danger. It got so bad I quit my job at Two Rivers because I thought the CID were following me. I had had an interaction with a very sketchy fellow so I guess it wasn’t entirely baseless.
Forgetting stuff: Thoughts would just disappear from my head. I could barely finish a sentence, or remember a book I read etc
Dependency: As an insomniac, I loved that weed helped me sleep. But then it became so I can’t sleep at all without taking any.
Just to mention a few.
I’m curious to know, what’s your weed experience? And how do you take this news, what does it mean for countries that have legalized it? Will more countries follow suit?

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