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Amelea Chelsea

Have the Middle-Class been forgotten during this COVID-19 era?

It’s tough times for everyone. “There’s no money,” “I have not been paid,” “I’m broke” and “it’s happening to everyone” are the new vocabularies in town. We have seen help going to the lower class, both food and rent relief.

I don’t know about the rich, maybe they are doing just fine. I’m here for the middle-class people. How are they coping? What has happened to that individual staying in Ruaka, Buruburu, Kilimani, Syokimau, who has lost his/her job, exhausted his/her savings, is sleeping hungry and is about to face eviction?

Is there any sort of help going out for them? Who is looking out for them? I believe we are all humans and we all need empathy regardless of our status in life. If everyone has been affected, then everyone should be helped.

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