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About Us

Our Ideal World:

In our vision of an ideal world, we believe that every individual should have a voice, be valued, and live in a thriving community. Unfortunately, the current reality falls short of this vision, as many people feel marginalized and unheard within their own communities. They face challenges such as inequality, poverty, and limited access to opportunities like education and dignified work.

What is Fatuma’s Voice:

Fatuma’s Voice is a community organization that uses various creative tools such as art, poetry, and music to foster self-expression and encourage open dialogue. We seek to create inclusive and secure spaces where talent can flourish and meaningful conversations about sustainable social change can be initiated.

Who is Fatuma?

Fatuma’s Voice is named after a 50-year-old woman called Fatuma, who was forced into silence since birth, almost like she was born without the ability to speak. The average person speaks about 20,000 words each day. Since Fatuma has not spoken for 50 years, she has millions of words trapped within her. These words keep accumulating each day and if nothing is done, she will become a time bomb ready to explode.

Fatuma is a metaphor representing Kenya and other countries, which gained independence years ago, but are still not yet free. Fatuma also symbolises the unheard and unseen, as well as people who are unable or afraid to raise their voice against social issues affecting them and others, due to apathy or lack of awareness.

Our Work:

Fatuma’s Voice offers a wide range of community programs, including creative workshops facilitated by local artists, vibrant public performances that showcase community talents, mentorship initiatives that provide guidance and support, and speaking engagements featuring key guest speakers.