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  • Nyati
    50 Points

    The Cape buffalo is a wild herbivore with similar characteristics as the domestic cow. They are mainly found along river beds and plains.

  • Chui
    100 Points

    The leopard is a large carnivore in the cat family that is closely related to the lion. It is distinguishable by its white and yellowish coat riddled with black spots.

  • Kifaru
    200 Points

    The black rhinoceros is a large herbivore with two horns on its naval bridge. It is smaller compared to the white rhino which has a square lip.

  • Simba
    500 Points

    Lions are considered endangered with a population of just 20,000 representing a 43% decline in their population in the last two decades.

  • Ndovu
    1k Points

    The elephant is the largest land mammal and is known for its brute strength. Today, about 450,000-700,000 elephants roam the African continent.