By the time one gets to 40, life has beaten them up, thrashed them around, slapped them silly, taken them through the spin drier. The unfortunate and residual effect of this is the acquiring of an inner loathing of the self and life, for having gone through the experience. Rather than have compassion on ourselves, we fall into patterns of self hate and self harm, misguidedly believing that if we make our lives hell, the world will not come after us to ‘punish’ us again.

The fascinating thing is that there was no punishment in the first place. It was simply the breaking up of our outer shell, to allow our true essence to flow. Without this realization, one remains stuck in pain, suffering, bitterness, self pity and self loathing. It may not be apparent to the individual but just as much as a wound on the arm untreated eventually gathers pus and starts to stink, unhealed soul wounds come with their own noxious stench that make us repulsive to others.

This week, as part of the February relationship series, we provide space, process and ritual for forgiveness. Forgiveness for ourselves, forgiveness for life, forgiveness for others, even, forgiveness for God. We call on those carrying baggage, trauma wounds and hatred against themselves, the world, or others, to join us in finally laying those demons to rest.

The amazing Elijah Getui Oenga facilitates this particular session, and we are thrilled to the bone. He has walked his own journey of forgiveness and has a testimony to share. Join us tomorrow, and play your part in the collective elevation. Share this invitation with a friend or two that may benefit. See you then, bright and early.

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Blackstar Masterclass Series: Accelerating excellence by forgiving yourself.
Blackstar Masterclass Series: Accelerating excellence by forgiving yourself.