Consciencism Study Group held a session on Congo like three weeks ago, here is the recording link:

Congo Crisis Action Points

  1. Expose the fact that there is no intra-Congo war but rather the UN/West working with Rwandese military to loot Congo resources.
  2. Call for the Afrikan Union to act on whats going on in Congo.
  3. Call for the disarmament of all armed groups.
  4. Write a letter to former president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta who is leading peace talks in Congo to give us updates on whats going on and progress of his work.
  5. Educate the world about the history of Congo crisis
  6. Use Dj Mr. P radio to invite experts/citizens from Congo to talk about whats going on.✅
  7. Organise mediation meeting/Conference for youth from Rwanda and Congo to talk to one another
  8. Work/produce a documentary on Congo crisis
  9. Find ways to hold all leaders implicated accountable including foreign companies mining on Congo.
  10. Hold protests/ demonstrations/vigil in solidarity with Congolese

We hereby call upon progressive PanAfrikans willing to work with us to implement these action points to get in touch


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