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Yes! You can access the Fatuma's Voice forum without logging in. Simply click on the "skip" option at the top right when presented with the login screen. While logged out you can still see and vote on questions/answers.

Logging in is optional but recommended so that you may have access to membership features like a custom timeline and notifications. Once logged in you will also be able to follow specific topics and choose what content you want to see on your feed.
We have made the account set up/sign in process surprisingly smooth and painless. It will take you less than 60 seconds to get in! Yes, you can time it yourself.

You only need a username, an email, and a password. To further simplify this, you have the option to automatically sign up and sign in with Google or Apple. You can later set up your password an email in the account settings.
We have fixed this problem so make sure you have updated to the latest version of the Fatuma's Voice app. Simply uninstall and reinstall the app, then try signing in again.

As soon as you sign up on the Fatuma's Voice forum, an activation email is sent to your registered email address with instructions on how to get activated. New accounts that need activation have a notification that shows at the top with instructions on how to activate.

If you have not received the activation email and your account is still inactive, select the settings tab on the bottom right of the app, go to edit profile and make sure the email address listed is correct. If not update it and save. Now head back to the home tab and request for a new activation email. Follow the instructions and your account will be activated instantly.
Go to the settings tab, then select edit profile. here, you will be able to update your display name, email address, profile picture and more. Once done, scroll down and update to save.
To get your profile verified:

1. Upload your profile picture and add a bio about yourself.
2. Go to the timeline and follow the suggested prompts to choose members, categories, and tags.
3. Ask your first question and leave at least 3 answers on other questions.

Once this is done, your profile will automatically be verified.
Once you are logged into your account and it is activated, you are ready to explore. You can start by updating your profile information. To do this, select the settings tab on the bottom right of the app, go to edit profile and complete your profile.

Next, head back to the home tab and select "Timeline" at the top section of the screen. Here you will be guided on to build your feed by selecting topics and members to follow. You can always unfollow the same later so no worries exploring. Lastly, you can now ask and answer your first questions.
To ask or post a new question, get to the home tab and select the blue floating button on the bottom right of the app screen. You can also access the ask question form from the menu on the top left of the app.

Keep note of the character limits. You will be notified in case you exceed or need more details on the question. Just edit to fit the required limits and hit publish to post your question.
The bump question boosts the visibility of your unanswered questions by letting you share some of your points with the person who gives the best answer.

To use this feature, select the bump option that appears below any of your unanswered questions and add the number of points you would like to offer.

Your question will immediately appear on the bump questions tab. Questions with the most bump points appear first, and others follow in descending order.

If there are other questions above yours, you can repeat the process and add more points to push yours higher up the bump tab for prioritised visibility.
We are very keen on making sure the content you see is safe. In case some of this bypasses us, we have taken measures to make sure you can report and block suck content

For specific content like questions or answers, use the flag icon or the three dot menu and select report. Our moderators will review this immediately and take action.

If you find a specific members content offensive or irrelevant, you can also report and block them too. To block a member, go to their profile and select the block button. Once you block a member, all their content will be removed from your timeline and you will no longer see them or get any of their notifications.

To unblock a member, go to your settings and select the blocked members section where you will see all blocked members. Find the member you wish to unblock and select the unblock button.