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Fatuma's Voice

Building an Africa that speaks for herself.

Who We Are

Fatuma’s Voice is a community that uses creative tools like art, poetry, and music, to encourage expression. We picture an expressive and politically conscious Africa, with a voice that dismantles false narratives and involves every community member in the process of social change.

What We Do

We curate events, design campaigns, and conduct training sessions for individuals, groups, as well as institutions. Since we started on 12th July 2013, we have collaborated with thousands of creatives, and partnered with hundreds of specialists as well as institutions to explore new ways of involving the community in addressing social issues and creating sustainable solutions.


Our events are laced with art, poetry, and music as alternative ways of expression. This fusion helps to break down complex or sensitive topics, into digestible bits which opens up space for inclusive dialogue by the different participants.


Campaign design is a core part of our work that involves creating awareness and mobilizing people around causes that are significant to them. We do this in partnership with subject-matter specialists for sustainable impact.


We conduct custom educative trainings for individuals or organizations based on personal improvement, talent growth and skill development. The training sessions are tailored for individual needs and are conducted both online and in-person.

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Featured Events

Here are some of the events, campaigns, and trainings we have curated based on identified needs from the forum. They are deeper follow-ups in search of meaning and solutions through partnership conversations which actively involve the community.


“When I first joined Fatuma’s Voice, I was not confident that I could speak in front of people. I have always been afraid of public speaking and when the opportunity first came for me to speak I was shaking so much. One year later, I am the main Moderator for the Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru forum. I have hosted and in successful business people, county assembly electives and hundreds of Artists. I found my confidence by trying and Fatuma’s Voice created that safe space for me.

– Alvin Wandati (Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru)

Alvin Wandati

“I did my first performance as a spoken word poet at a show called Fatuma’s Voice at Pawa 254. I have been a follower of this page on Facebook ‘Kenyan Poets’ Lounge’ where I had been a page poet for so long since the page was put up. Through my pieces, the event’s organizer (Eric Otieno – Rix Poet) who invited me for one of their shows at Fatuma’s Voice and when I attended the show for the first time in September 2013, that was the beginning of the journey as a spoken word artist.

– Griffins Ndidhe (Fatuma’s Voice Nairobi)

Griffins Ndidhe

“I’ve attended the forum in Nairobi, but seeing Fatuma’s Voice here in Nakuru was personal. The way it has changed my social life and grown my talent is tremendously significant and it gives me so much joy seeing it being done at home now.

– Akuya Ekorot (Fatuma’s Voice Nakuru)

Akuya Ekorot

“I never knew Mombasa was this rich in talent, it was surprising to see all these people gathered like that talking about such important issues. If it were possible, you guys should make the sessions more frequent like you do in Nairobi. More people need to be here. We are sitting on a revolution.”

– Pauline Mwai (Fatuma’s Voice Mombasa)

Pauline Mwai

“It’s a good feeling to hear views from more women in such a setting. Men, who have a big voice in virtually all the sectors of our lives here, usually dominate such forums. Glad to be part of this.”

– Ciiru Nya’got (Fatuma’s Voice Mombasa)

Ciiru Nya’got

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