Erotic energy is fierce, ferocious, feral. Unapologetic, unabashed, uninhibited – shameless. Unhealthy societies live in terror of the erotic instinct in women, dampening down and suppressing it in the socialization process. While this may have initially been well meaning (to maintain social order), it leads to the normalization of powerlessness in women, alongside an inability to set up boundaries and have standards. A woman out of touch with her sexual instincts and desires, is also a woman out of touch with her self-protective (will-to-power) instinct. You cannot disable one without affecting the other.

Tomorrow (Saturday 2nd March) Poet and Sex Guide Eudiah Kamonjo leads us through getting back in touch with, and reactivating our erotic feminine energy. Erotic energy, aka libido, moves the world. Depression and powerlessness is what results when libido is blocked, rendering us listless, apathetic, frozen, in victimhood, in limbo, in survival mode.

How about living life fully aroused, fully wet, fully hard, fully turned on, where your desires are so compelling and magnetizing that wild horses cannot keep you away from them? Living a life filled with depth, feeling, solidness, groundedness and power, because you have finally found Home in yourself and are no longer looking for it in unworthy others? How about living your life proactively, in marked pursuit of your dreams rather than living in shame, guilt and reactivity, based on bad choices of the past? It’s time to meet your inner ferocious, and claim the gifts she has been holding for you all this time.

Indulging Your Erotic Female Energy - Eudiah Kamonjo - Poet, Sex Guide
Indulging Your Erotic Female Energy – Eudiah Kamonjo – Poet, Sex Guide