H. E. Dr. William Samoei Ruto,
President of The Republic of Kenya.

Your Excellency,


The above refers.

I am in receipt of a removal notice issued by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) to Informal Traders in my Ward (see attached) requiring them to move from the Ngong Road-Kibera-Langata Link Road corridor.

It is saddening that a National Government Agency such as KURA can decide to kick out Struggling Kenyans and destroy their businesses, livelihoods and income generating activities during these extremely harsh economic times. I am perplexed at how such a poor and irrational decision can be made with full understanding that the Kenya Kwanza Government is a Hustler Regime.

As you know, we were both elected on the Kazi Ni Kazi platform, with a clear rallying call that ‘Every Hustle Matters.’ Indeed, you and I campaigned together in this same area where the Impending Demolitions and Forceful Eviction is set to take place. During the campaigns, we promised to protect the Businesses and Economic Activities of these Hustlers with Mama Mboga, Watu Wa Hoteli, Watu Wa Mitumba, Watu Wa Garage, Watu Wa Bodaboda and other ‘Watu Wa Biashara Ndogondogo’ coming out in large numbers, supporting us and voting for us overwhelmingly. To date, our UDA Party Website’s Landing Page still states that ‘The Hustler Nation is for the expansion of every business, no matter how small.’

The Ruling Party, UDA, is founded on the principles of good governance including equity, diversity, love, unity, freedom, justice, accountability, transparency and peace. Our vision remains to ensure a just and prosperous nation through good governance, nurturing the right political atmosphere for businesses and industries to thrive, development of human resource, fostering political stability and the welfare of the people of Kenya. Our Party Symbol – the Wheelbarrow – symbolizes “the value, dignity and respect of work in pursuit of an equitable society.” This is the manifesto we sold to our people and this is the manifesto I call upon you to uphold and deliver.

Your Excellency, I write to you as your Flagbearer, Fully Paid-Up UDA Party Member, and Duly Elected Member of County Assembly for Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward. I write to you as a Firm Believer and Passionate Advocate of the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA). We need to stand by our people, help them to develop themselves, support them to build their hustles and empower them to grow their businesses as we work to strengthen our economy. Demolishing their places of trade and evicting them is the exact opposite of what we promised. Our people are suffering. Your State Officers need not make them suffer anymore.

Your Government will be judged by how it handled the weakest, the poorest and the most vulnerable of its population. Your Government will be judged by whether it set out to destroy or to build. This decision by KURA goes against everything we believe in and stand for. This decision is punitive, made in error and ill-thought-out. It is also selective administration of the so-called law that KURA has cited in its removal notice. KURA has allowed businesses like those in Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward to operate and thrive all over this City for years. Why has it only zeroed in on Woodley out of 84 other Wards in Nairobi? Why now? Is this pretentiously the only corridor KURA has in this County? If KURA’s intention is not biased, why isn’t this operation being executed all over Nairobi? Why the sheer disdain for the people of Kibra?

Your Excellency, kindly take note that Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward is the only Ward that landed UDA an Elective Seat in Kibra and Langata Constituencies. If you add Dagoretti North Constituency, Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward is 1 out of 2 UDA Seats in 15 Wards. Of all areas to support in Nairobi, I would expect that Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward be that Ward that is close to your heart after securing all the votes we did – in the Opposition Bedroom, against all odds; a Vibrant Yellow in a Sea of Blue.

On my part, I am shocked and did not expect this form of high-level sabotage from the National Government I campaigned for and continue to defend every single day. We promised Hustlers Dignified places of trade. This ill-advised decision by KURA to demolish their structures and forcefully evict these hustlers with no alternative is not the Dignity we promised them. I am a Staunch UDA Member and Supporter and know for sure that Demolition, Eviction and the subsequent Pain, Anguish, Despair and Agony are not the policies of the Ruling Party nor the Kenya Kwanza Regime. Demolition and Eviction cannot be the order of the day under this Government. This is not the way. Please do not destroy your legacy in this community by letting this uncalled-for act happen. Do not stand by and watch your citizens being oppressed by State Officers.

This is the time to show your love and concern to your citizens and show them that you meant every single word which you uttered during our hunt for votes. If this draconian act by KURA is left unchecked, it will open up a pandoras box of anarchy, chaos and mayhem in our Community and across this City. Hustlers have already had their businesses demolished by the Nairobi City County Government in Upperhill and Kenyatta. All my pleas to the County Leadership fell on deaf ears. Now, Ngong Road has been earmarked for the same fate. What next? Woodley/Jamhuri Market? Adams Arcade? Toi Market? Posta Shopping Center? Jamhuri Shopping Center? Kenyatta Market? Is the plan to wipe out an entire Ward? Will any Hustler’s business be left standing in this City?

Your Excellency, the wielding of Great Power demands the show of Mercy. I call upon you to Have Mercy on your people. Please pronounce yourself upon KURA and expressly direct them as the Head of State to withdraw this Removal Notice and Cease and Desist from the Demolition of Structures and the Eviction of Hustlers.

As I conclude, in line with your Manifesto: Providing Hustlers with Dignified Places of Trade, I proposed the Construction of Modern Kiosks in Woodley (along Ngong Road and the Link Road) in the CIDP 2023-2027 which was subjected to Public Participation. This was adopted by those present and documented. I thereafter applied for County Approvals to set them up and approvals were granted last year (see attached). I have factored in Modern Kiosks as a way to improve the shacks (vibandas) made with wood and sisal (gunia) which they have been relegated to by circumstance by building new ones using Black Sheet which is Modern, Durable, Neat, Aesthetically Appealing and Cost Effective.

The traders and residents are in full support of this overhaul and aesthetic improvement (see Letter of Endorsement attached). This Development Project has unfortunately been hampered by the lack of a No Objection Letter / Approval by KURA. Please find enclosed herein my submission of the attached designs and supporting documents for the same to the Director General. I have had several meetings with the DG and his team, but this has borne no fruit.

Modern Kiosks are a great way to support the much needy Hustlers who elected us into office. As we do so, we will also greatly improve the aesthetic outlook of Nairobi which we know KURA is extremely keen on. I find it peculiar that the Director General Kinoti had no time to respond to my letters but found the time to instruct his officer to write and threaten my constituents with forceful eviction. This is terrible governance. DG Kinoti is the one who needs a show-cause letter as to why he should not be evicted from his post for attempting to jeopardize the reputation of the Ruling Party and the Kenya Kwanza regime! Any State Officer going against the President’s Manifesto is a saboteur and not fit to hold such high office. DG Kinoti is a man with ill motive; an enemy of progress and should be treated as Persona Non Grata in your Government.

I humbly request that you graciously honour my prayers and expedite and support this noble endeavour. Your kind assistance in this effort to improve and enhance Dignified Trade, Socio-Economic Empowerment and Opportunities for Hustlers will be highly appreciated.

Your Loyal Foot Soldier,
*Hon. Davidson DNG Ngibuini,*
*MCA, Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward.*