Pawa 254 is launching PAWA RADIO, an online radio station that will mainstreams artivism, promote local content, and connect international audiences to local content. Through PAWA Radio, PAWA 254 is creating a community of social change agents across the country as they tap into the trends in the social development and artivism space, while creating job opportunities.


Pawa Radio is an online medium that seeks to offer a platform for the dissemination of audio works produced by PAWA254 and community members through providing creatives an opportunity to share and amplify their creative pieces nationally, regionally and globally. The concept seeks to provide a platform for artists to showcase, educate, nurture, empower, communicate and entertain using art as a tool for social change.

PAWA RADIO will be airing some shows that speak to the various issues that we seek to address in the society. The shows will discuss issues around women, Kenyan hip hop, dialogues with communities, culturally indulgent shows, legal awareness shows, climate justice shows etc.

The format of content within the radio will include on-air interviews, Kenyan music interludes, local news, documentaries, community discussions, and live on location broadcasts. The radio will stream on a 24 hour circuit with the shows being between 8am to 7pm daily.

PAWA Radio Shows

Mziki Asili by George Agak (Mon, Wed, Fri – 2-4pm)

Mziki Asili by George Agak (Mon, Wed, Fri - 2-4pm)
Mziki Asili by George Agak (Mon, Wed, Fri – 2-4pm)

Mziki Azili Show is a curated radio experience targeting lovers of Kenyan culture and contemporary music, including both local and international listeners interested in exploring underrepresented Kenyan sounds.

She Talks with Muthoni Gitau (Mon, Wed, Fri: 11am-1pm)

She Talks with Muthoni Gitau (Mon, Wed, Fri: 11am-1pm)
She Talks with Muthoni Gitau (Mon, Wed, Fri: 11am-1pm)

The idea behind this podcast is to discuss different issues that affect womxn and how governance and policy can/should play a role in those issues. The topics of conversation will vary from issues affecting womxn in the workplace, walking down the street, schools and even home life. We will not only open the floor for discussing the issues but also offer solutions where possible.

Afri-pop Show with Kennedy Bulimu (Mon, Wed, Fri: 5pm-7pm)

Afri-pop Show with Kennedy Bulimu (Mon, Wed, Fri: 5pm-7pm)
Afri-pop Show with Kennedy Bulimu (Mon, Wed, Fri: 5pm-7pm)

The Afripop show is an Afrocentric evening music and talk show that focuses its conversations on events, issues, ideas, and personalities making headlines in African pop culture.

About Pawa 254

PAWA254 is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and media. This is developed through building the capacity of emerging artists and facilitating the integration of artistic expression for livelihood development. This entails investment in an innovative learning and capacity-building approach in order to activate artists through active artistic expressions.

Arts and Media

This is coupled with the provision of a state-of-the art co-working space that consists of creative suites for artists as well as professional equipment such as cameras, lighting, and other media production equipment. PAWA actively creates, promotes, and shares opportunities for arts skill transfer, mentorship, and partnerships.

Pawa 254 - Art and Media
Pawa 254 – Art and Media

Civil Engagement & Social Accountability

PAWA 254 recognises that change comes through working collaboratively with like-minded  groups and individuals. As such, working closely with local communities is at the heart of our work, as we advocate for the improvement of the quality of life in our communities and the country at large.

The goal of working to make a difference in our communities is close to our hearts; therefore, we continually strive to produce and empower active citizens who are able to drive change. Citizen-led action is an important aspect of holding public officials accountable in regard to the use of public resources as well as service delivery.

PAWA has established itself as a bold niche organisation in the ‘artivism’ space that creatively integrates art and activism to promote active civic participation, human rights, livelihood improvement, and employment development for Kenyan youth.

PAWA leverages the energy and intensity of the arts to strengthen understanding and exploration of emerging issues in Kenya and increase youth involvement in positive development processes. As a collaborative creative hub with a vision of mainstreaming arts and culture in the pursuit of social justice for all, PAWA254 works with artists, awakening in them a deep socio-economic and political consciousness. This is achieved by empowering them to connect their art to the pursuit of a better Kenya.

PAWA254 is an integral part of the Youth Serving Organisations (YSOs) and works closely with community groups and like-minded Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the governance and human rights space to further the goal of championing human rights while advocating for accountability in the utilisation of public resources.