In celebration of World Poetry Day 2024, Creative Spills brings you the first edition of Poets You Should Know 2024, celebrating poetry written and performed in the French language through a Francophone Poetry Slam. The winner takes home Ksh 30,000.

We also welcome poets writing in English, Swahili, Sheng, and any Kenyan Language to participate in the open mic segment.

We will be exhibiting poetry books and merchandise relating to poets and poetry at the event.

Event Details:

Date: 19th March
Venue: Alliance Fran├žaise Gardene
Charges: Free

Poets You Should Know

This is a community that brings poets together to share, discuss, create, and showcase works that are meant t spark critical thinking and speak to the situation of young people in sub-saharan Africa.

Poets You Should Know - The Art of Open Expression
The Art of Open Expression