My private parts are areas under my clothes and school uniform.
I know the correct names of my private parts.

I am a girl.
I know no one has the right to touch my breasts, my thighs, my vagina, and my buttocks.

I am a boy.
I know no one has the right to touch my thighs, my penis, and my buttocks.

No one can show me their private parts.
No one can ask me to show them mine.
No one should show me pictures of private parts.

If anyone does this I will scream and report to my mummy and daddy.

Body Safety Rules

My body is mine and it belongs to me!
I don’t have to hug or kiss someone if I don’t want to.

I have a Safety Network.
There are five adults I can talk to if I feel scared, worried or unsure.

I should never keep secrets that make me feel bad or uncomfortable.
If someone asks me to keep a secret that makes me feel bad or unsafe, I must quickly report to an adult on my Safety network.

If I feel scared or unsafe, I might sweat, become shaky, feel sick, or my heart beats really fast.
If I feel this way, I must immediately tell an adult on my Safety Network.

My private parts are the parts of my body under my clothes.
No one can touch me in my private parts.
If they do, I must tell a trusted adult on my Safety Network.