Remember the Total Man? The man who made many politicians in Kenya tremble? Well, this specific in week 2017, is when he was raised to rest. Allow me to show you, the man who messed Kenyans big time and how state capture works. Nicholas Kipyator Kiprono A thread.

Nicholas Biwott was born in 22nd February 1940 to Cheserem Soti and Maria Soti (Bet you have heard about Mario Soti girls, he named it after his mother). He was born in chebior Village, Keiyo district. I am a keiyo, that’s why I am writing this with some background knowledge.

He attended Tambach intermediate school then Kapsabet High school. He then attended the University of Melbourne in Australia in 1962-1964., to pursue Bsc in economics and political science. Yeah, he was an extremely brilliant guy. The smartest politician ever, Tom Mboyas league.

Anyway, to the most important part. Biwott rose to limelight when Moi was appointed VP of Kenya in 1967, but before that he had been the DO of Nkubu, South Imenti Division. He contested for Keiyo south MP in 1974, at only 34 years, but was thwarted by the incumbent Stanley Kurgat.

5 years later, in 1979, he contested again for the seat on a Kanu ticket only for the opponent to “cordially agree” to step aside for him. He was unopposed. You would know this was intimidation in that, Moi had just ascended to presidency a year earlier and Biwott being his long time personal assistant, was protected by the power of the presidency. Anyway, let’s backtrack a little bit. He did return back for masters in University of Melbourne in economics. It’s here that he created ties, and airlifted many Kalenjins to Australia years later and that’s why the largest population of Kenyans in Australia by tribe is Kalenjins, more than 10k in population. That’s Biwotts work. Anyway, let’s now get to the part where it gets interesting.

Biwott rise, ties and connections to both Israel and Australia. Biwott had been in various ministries; agriculture, treasury, home affairs but among all, his promotion to the Minister of State in 1979 to the year of the coup, 1982 was the most powerful position he had ever held. If you allow me to go back a little, to 1969. The now Post graduate student, Nicholas Biwott had little savings and purchased a dealership in Eldoret called Eldoret Town International Harverster, and renamed it Lima Ltd. At that time, Most Kenyans were enjoying loans from most banking institutions. The post independence banking policies were working to their favor. Why did I go back? Because I want to Link Lima Ltd to two construction companies, Solel Boneh and Gad Zeevis, HZ company.

Who owned the two companies? Well, Solel Boneh. This was a company that gave cover to most Mossad Operations in Africa. Why Mossad? For those who don’t know, Mossad is an Israeli spy agency, which is one of the best ranks in the world. In 1973, there was a war that will forever remain in Israel’s history. After winning the famous six day war of 1967, and defeating its all enemies, there was a surprise war, the Yom Kippur war of 1973 which was a surprise attack to Israel. Also, there was another Lebanese Civil War in 1975. Why all these?

You may ask, well. Because that same year, 1973, one of the biggest entrepreneur from Israel made an entry to Kenya, Mr Vaizman Aharoni. And later on in 1978, Gad Zeevis. Another business mogul from Israel. Who owned HZ company. Why am I focusing on these companies? Well, Biwott made strong relationships with both businessmen and used his position to give them various construction contracts in the 70s and 80s. Mr Zeevi landed one of the biggest and most lucrative construction deals in Kenya at that time.

After the 1982 coup attempt, Biwott was now branded as the Total Man. This is because of many disappearances of key fiends and agitators of the Kanu regime until the 90s. Infact, only GG Kariuki and Biwott was allowed to ride in Mois Limousine presidential entourage. So, back to this. As more contracts came their way, HZ flourished. Infact in 1982, when several banks were closing down, Biwott, and another man, Alnoor Kassam, approached Zeevis and started the Trade Bank. Zeevi owned more than 70% of the bank, and loaned Biwott the money he used to build the Yaya Centre. The total Man refused to pay back the money. The other man, Kassam, fearing the Israeli, and his mossads ties, ran to Canada. He was framed that he ran with $23millon, leading to the collapse of the bank. Get the context? Biwott was smart.

That’s where he started accruing his wealth. Another Pakistani national, named Aslam, tried the banking sector with someone identified as Hedam. Only initials. Reports would later revealed , it was His Excelleny Daniel Arap Moi(HEDAM). He testified in Oukos murder report. bt Mr Troon, the Scotland Yard, which had identified Nicholas Biwott as a person of interest in the murder case. Aslam would die inexplicably later. We all know the Kenyan drill. So, back to Biwott. In the late 80s, man’s had become so powerful. Everyone feared the name. In 1988, after reorganization of ministry of Energy and regional development, he became the minister for Energy and spearheaded the National Oil Corporation. It was here that he used his power and influence, to allow Gad Zeevi, who at that time, owned one of the largest oil companies in Israel, Paz. Gad Zeevi bought US Mobil Company in Kenya and renamed it Kobil. You now know where Kobil, now Rubis, came from. How Biwott acquired it, is another interesting story.

At that time, HZ company was the main contractor of Government jobs. State capture is a type os systemic political corruption in which private interests significantly influence a states decision making processes at their own advantage. I just Googled that. Biwott became one of the wealthiest man. Something funny, The HZ and Solel Boneh were each competition for govt contracts, if one won, it would subcontract the other one. They dominated the construction sector in 80s and led to delays of many constructions. Ever seen the unfinished building in Yaya center? Well, this was after they fell out with the Israeli contractors. A legend has it that concrete was poured in the stairways. It would be an hoax. Anyway, back to Biwott.

There was one greatest spy master called David Kimche, who was a British Israeli. He had ran so many operations that he was feared across the world. Nicknamed, the man with the briefcase. So, when the country was faced with the first ever major scandal, the Goldenberg scandal, and Oukos murder, Biwott came under fire criticism. The biggest mystery though, is how he managed to own Kobil, and Yaya centre and other various things after falling out with Gad Zeevis, who went back to Israel ,to continue with the Zeevis company.

After Zeevis left Kenya, he fell out badly with the Total Man. The Total Man knowing the mossad operations in Nairobi, mostly which was held in Nairobi Oasis Hotel, and such, started leaving in fear. He knew his time would come. So, that’s why he used to change cars, order food and not eat. Use secret routes. The only person who made The Total Man to live in fear was Gad Zeevis. But if he wanted him gone, he would have gone. So all those acts of Bowott, was theatrics.

n 1991, he was named in the Scotland Yard investigation and identified as a person of interest. Moi came under fore criticism to the extent that he faked the imprisonment of Biwott. After all the cases ceased, Biwott became the richest man in Kenya. It is his wit that propelled him to that. I , personally, having been born around Keiyo, if it happened that you spot a helicopter, in your childhood, that was Biwott. Every chopper, was Biwotts. All the land he took, in Moiben, Ainabkoi, Keiyo, was a result of corruption. The roads which he never built, until it took Rutos initiative to complete it between 2013 to 2018. Also, the only thing he gave Keiyos was electricity because he was the energy minister. He grabbed virtually everything from us. Whenever you challenged him, you would face it.

Nicholas Biwott Dies at 77 - NTV
Nicholas Biwott Dies at 77 – NTV