It is an open secret; Uhuru Kenyatta is the son of a thief. His father, Jomo Kenyatta was a land grabber and a man who used state resources to enrich himself.

He left prison a poor man and died with so much wealth. His family stole land, poached wildlife, and abused power, all this is documented. When Jomo Kenyatta died, he left so much wealth that his family would never have a reason to work again. Ever.

Uhuru Kenyatta was born into that wealth. Uhuru had never worked anywhere in his life. He had no track record of self-discipline, critical thinking, or even innovation.

All he had was a famous last name courtesy of his traitorous, thieving father. But you know, Kenyans, we love rich people, doesn’t matter if they’re rapists, killers, drug dealers, or just lazy alcoholics.

All Uhuru did was hire a British Public Relations firm to say he was young and digital and that the International Criminal Court wanted to jail him the way they jailed his father.

Kenyans bought the lie, after all, our education system doesn’t teach us to be independent, critical thinkers instead we cram to pass exams. In Kenya, to become a critical thinker, to question things is something that you have to deliberately teach yourself.

Most Kenyans think like a mob, and that mob mentality carries the collective intelligence of a sheep we thoughtlessly followed a hyena because it had camouflaged like one of us complete with sheep cologne.

When Uhuru Kenyatta was running for president, his supporters said, let’s vote for the son of Jomo Kenyatta, he is a rich man and he will not steal from us.

We ignored that Uhuru Kenyatta was introduced into politics by another thief Daniel Arap Moi who looted and bankrupted Kenya. Well, the people queued and voted for Uhuru not once or twice but thrice.

The figure dramatically reduced to Sh 10 million, which means at least 70 million was delivered to the recipient. Merali said he was called by a person claiming to be the president to give the bribe. Because that’s the norm, Merali prepared the money.

The suspects who are said to be well connected with links to the President’s office Harambee House and State House collected the money. The money was picked up by a convoy of three vehicles, armed police officers complete with police outriders.

Such bribe pick-up was the norm before elections as business people funded Uhuruto’s campaign. The suspects in court were executing something they know happens regularly in Kenya. That’s why the suspects want the prosecution to produce Uhuru as a state witness.

What would have happened in other developed countries?

In other developed countries, Merali would have gone to the police to report the president was extorting him but because that’s how he does business, he bribed.

Merali is not a child: he is a 68-year-old man who in 2012 according to Forbes Africa’s richest is worth 410 million dollars. He is President Moi’s business partner in some investments. Merali has been mentioned in the Kroll and the Goldenberg reports on how Kenya was looted by Moi.

The Bribing Culture in Kenya

Merali was paying a bribe to Uhuru for a tender and it is something he has done for many years. Merali owns the Sameer Group and is an 18% shareholder of Commercial Bank of Africa. So Merali knew it wasn’t unusual for a sitting Kenyan President to ask for a bribe.

Bribe giving in Kenya is routine. We bribe police officers to set us free, teachers to give us good marks, and lectures with our bodies to get Sexually Transmitted Degrees. Kenya is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Beyond Zero Campaign v/s Beyond Zero Corruption

While Margaret Kenyatta is running useless marathons and begging us to donate, her husband is overseeing the looting of Kenya.

Although it appears as if Uhuru Kenyatta and his team have worked hard to expose the stealing and land grabbing of his deputy President William Ruto, we now know Uhuru isn’t innocent.

Uhuru is the president, he is the one who is the head of the country, and like fish, Kenya is rotting from the head.

Uhuru Kenyatta disregarded expert advice and wasted Sh24.6 billion on the laptop project. He decided to build a railway, using old technology parallel to an existing railway at a cost of KSh 327 billion.

In the process of building the railway, he defied court orders to build the railway inside Nairobi National Park. If that’s not enough he has presided over phantom projects, Galana Kulalu Irrigation, Dams, Kenya Power, National Oil, meat factory, etc.

The Curse of Corruption in Kenya

The extent of corruption in Kenya today is mind-boggling. We are drinking poisoned sugar, and eating poisoned food as we make noise online. Kenyans need to rise and demand better.

Kenya is at the mercy of a hopeless, incompetent drunk! We shall pay dearly for voting for the son of a thief. In all this, Raila Odinga, who was once a patriot and joined the son of a thief is now silent.

I hope Raila Odinga doesn’t destroy his legacy as a patriot by staying quiet. As Martin Luther King, Jr said: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Raila’s silence will not be forgotten.