The Hip Hop & RnB Roundup – Westys Lounge (dress code: street wear)

? Yo! Calling all hustlers, queens, and smooth operators! ?
Yo ho, yo ho, a party life for you it goes! Get ready to drop it like it’s hot (but way cooler) at the hottest hip-hop and R&B throwdown this side of Nairobi!
? Mark your calendars: March 9th, 7:30 PM sharp! We’re paintin’ the town (and dance floor) red… or should we say gold, like Jay-Z’s bathtub?
? Dress code: Think fresh kicks, fly threads, and swagger that could stop a clock. Channel your inner hip-hop royalty, y’all!
? Dance challenges that’ll make even Beyoncé sweat. Moonwalk, windmill, and bust a move like nobody’s watching!
? Music trivia so spicy, it’ll make Drake blush. Test your knowledge for prizes that’ll have you singin’ “All The Single Ladies”!
? Karaoke booth of dreams. Unleash your inner J.Lo or belt out like Biggie!
? Board and card games galore. From Uno to Cards Against Humanity, get your game face on!
? Drinking games for the bold and the beautiful. Sip, spin, and maybe even win!
? Professional photography by @iamfellaphotography. Capture the night’s epic moments for your Insta-worthy feed!
And to keep the vibes flowin’, we got the smoothest MC, Cuzak, droppin’ rhymes and the legendary DJ Ortis spinnin’ tracks till the break of dawn!
This ain’t just a party, it’s a movement! A chance to celebrate music, dance, and community. ❤️
Spread the word, gather your crew, and get ready to party like it’s 1999 (but way cooler, obvs). See you on the dance floor, fam!
#HipHopRNBParty #MarchMadness #PartyLikeAQueen #HustleHard #LetsGetThisPartyStarted ???

Where is it happening?

Westys Lounge, Baniadam, Woodvale Grv, Nairobi, Kenya,Nairobi, Kenya

The Hip Hop & RnB Roundup - Westys Lounge (dress code- street wear)
The Hip Hop & RnB Roundup – Westys Lounge (dress code- street wear)